When asked to describe hearing instruments, most people probably wouldn’t choose the word “sleek,” but the new Styletto, from Signia, is exactly that. Smaller than a Bluetooth earpiece, beautifully designed, and available in three color combinations, the Styletto is poised to change public perceptions about hearing devices.

Working to Overcome the Stigma

In a promotional video about its new product, Signia explained that today’s 50-year-old person is more active, youthful, and healthy than 50-year-olds were generations ago. Modern 50-year-olds may see themselves as younger than they are, and the concept of wearing a hearing device doesn’t align with their self-image. Signia is marketing the Styletto specifically to this age group, and to anyone who worries that wearing a hearing a device makes them seem or look old.

The Latest Technology

The Styletto’s slender silhouette is courtesy of Signia’s new narrow, elongated battery design. The battery may be daintier than its predecessors, but it’s no less powerful: It offers 19 hours of runtime on a single charge, and it charges fully in three hours.

A portable charging case allows for charging on-the-go; the case can charge the batteries three times before it needs to be connected to an outlet. Styletto wearers can also choose a 30-minute “quick charge” that provides five hours of runtime.

The Styletto is splash-proof and highly resistant to dust and moisture. It has no external buttons or controls – wearers can adjust their settings with a mini remote, or through a smartphone application.

Available Now

Often, people who have mild to moderate hearing loss will not consider wearing a hearing device, based on the notion that it’s unsightly, or that it’s only for “old” people. Hopefully, the Styletto will help people overcome their resistance, because improving one’s ability to hear also improves one’s quality of life.

If you’re still not sure you’re ready to try a hearing device, we encourage you to come in and at least have your hearing evaluated. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding current hearing technology!