Personalized Hearing Care

Hearing Check-Up


Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation. These appointments are generally scheduled for an hour, but the actual evaluation is usually 15-20 minutes. We schedule this amount of time to make sure we get all of the patient’s questions answered. We will spend some time discussing the patient’s lifestyle, and the various technologies that they would benefit from in their everyday lives.



Schedule a Hearing Aid Evaluation. These appointments are also scheduled for an hour in duration. At this appointment we spend time getting the hearing devices programmed for the user. We also spend some time discussing the use, the maintenance, operation, and expectations of the new hearing instruments. This is the date in which the patient’s 30 day trial period begins.



Schedule a follow-up evaluation. This appointment is usually a 30 minute appointment a week or two after the fitting. At this appointment we use objective measures to evaluate the amount of benefit the user experiences. We utilize a verification strategy called a Speech Map to determine if we are over, or under, amplifying parts of speech that are important to hear as clear as possible. We will also use live speech discrimination exams (with and without new hearing instruments) to measure the amount of improved communication ability. Adjustments to the hearing instruments are sometimes needed during these appointments.