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Hearing Aid Batteries

When you purchase a hearing aid, there are several basics to learn about: how to insert and remove the device, how to turn it on and off, and how to clean it. Another lesson is how to insert and remove the small batteries that power your hearing aid.

These tiny batteries used to contain mercury, but they no longer include this as it is poisonous. The battery today is zinc-air activated. When you peel the backing, wait about one minute and place the battery in your hearing aid. Today’s hearing devices have an alert that the battery is working and an alert when it is nearly dead. When you start your device, it should tell you the state of the battery if it is low.

Lowe Audiology has all the battery types in stock and can help you learn to change them in any device. Here are the four types of battery and their uses:

  • 675 – color blue, largest regular battery for most powerful hearing aids
  • 13 – color orange, medium-size battery
  • 312 – color brown, medium-size battery
  • 10 – color yellow, smallest regular battery

Battery life depends on the condition of the hearing aid, the age of the battery, the volume and connected use of the device and how long the hearing aid is worn each day. Always disconnect the battery at the end of the day by opening the battery tray, stopping the connection with the internal metal port.

There are several recommendations that will make batteries last longer. 

  • Store them in cool, dry rooms. Never remove their sticky color tabs until ready to use.
  • Always open the battery door when putting your hearing aids away for the night. This disconnects the battery from the hearing aid connector. 
  • Make sure you are buying fresh batteries when making a purchase and check the packages as soon as you receive them.

While hearing aids are now being made available with rechargeable solutions, this will still require some upkeep, as well. You will be required to place your hearing aids on the charging station at night or when not in use, but this can save some time and energy when it comes to switching out the batteries. 

You can always stop by Lowe Audiology to purchase the batteries you need, learn more about your options or ask any potential questions!