A new year is upon us. For many of us, we reflect on the events of the past year and move forward with optimism and goals for the new year.

Susan, Wes and Zach BurkleOn a personal level, 2018 was a wonderful year for me and my family. My oldest son (Wes) started college this past year; he is studying physics at Indiana University in Bloomington.





Sam BurkleMy youngest son (Sam) is a sophomore in high school and had a tremendous year racing bicycles for the Midwest Development Cycling team, winning more than four races!







Susan, Wes, Sam, and Zach BurkleMy wife (Susan) was teaching at the elementary education level and moved to a new role that she loves: teaching special education at the junior high level. And, I composed a woodwind quartet and had it recorded by members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.




At the start of 2018, I had a list of work-related goals that I wanted to accomplish, one of which was to remodel our office. When I took over the practice, I inherited office furniture and fixtures from Dr. Greg Lowe, and although they were functional, I felt it was time for an update. So, in January of 2018, we transformed our waiting area into a comfortable and inviting place for patients to relax before their appointments.

Lowe Audiology office

In 2018, we also celebrated our fourth anniversary of new ownership at Lowe Audiology. I am so thankful to be part of this practice and community, and I am grateful to Dr. Greg Lowe, my predecessor, colleague, and friend, for creating an atmosphere full of care and professionalism.

This coming year, I have plans to upgrade some of our diagnostic testing equipment. Ideally, I would like to create a space in which people can listen to new technology in a simulated environment using surround sound. If I could simulate a noisy restaurant, a church, or a group of people talking, I think it would really benefit our patients.

I also need to recognize the glue that holds the practice together: Tammy Gurney and Vanessa Schroeder! They keep our day-to-day operations on-track and running smoothly.

The Burkle family and Lowe Audiology team wish you a happy and healthy new year!