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What Does It Feel Like To Have Moderate Hearing Loss

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We underestimate our hearing until many of us get older and start losing it to old age. Your hearing is vulnerable to something that can easily be damaged if it’s not cared for properly. With that being said, here's what it feels like to have moderate hearing loss. 

What Does It Feel Like to Have Moderate Hearing Loss?

Has anyone ever had to repeat themselves because you couldn’t hear what they said? Perhaps you’ve noticed softer sounds not being as loud as they used to be. There are certain signs that will tell you that something might not be quite right with your hearing.

Everyone can deal with some form of hearing loss over their lifetime but spotting it can often be something that comes a lot later than you think. For those who feel they may have a moderate form of hearing loss, soft sounds that you could once hear are likely not able to be heard any more. Most of the sounds that you hear are still going to remain, which can make it difficult to spot at first.

With mild hearing loss you might not be able to hear people whispering or the trickle of a stream, for example. For moderate hearing loss, things like people working in a quiet office, to not hearing the doorbell go. These smaller and somewhat underappreciated sounds are something that you’d miss if they weren’t there.

What Are the Signs of Hearing Loss?

Spotting the signs of hearing loss can be helpful when knowing whether or not to get help. Here are some of the signs that you might have hearing loss.

Repeating Conversations

If you find yourself asking others to repeat what they’ve said, this can often be a sign. Of course, it might just be down to being in an environment where the music is too loud or you’ve started day-dreaming. However, if it’s something that’s happening a lot more than normal, then even your friends, family and colleagues might mention that you’ll want to get your hearing checked out.

Withdrawing from Social Events

If you find yourself withdrawing from social events and conversations in general, then sub-consciously, you might have a feeling that something is wrong. If your hearing is something that can be aided or fixed, then it’s worth doing everything you can to do so. You don’t want to be stopping yourself from these social occasions or memories that are meant to be made in life!

Pain Or Discomfort in the Ear

There can often be pain or discomfort in the ear when it comes to moderate hearing loss. You may be subject to more ear infections or there might just be more pain coming from the area than what’s normal or that you’re used to having.

It’s worth keeping an eye on this so that you know when it’s best to seek advice from the professionals. Pain or discomfort is never going to be something you want happening regularly, so it’s best to get it checked sooner rather than later.

What To Do If You Have Hearing Loss

So, what do you do if you think you have hearing loss? Well, the first thing to do is to get a hearing check-up and this can be done with an audiologist. The audiologist will run some tests, diagnose the situation and then find the right solution that’s suitable. There may be preventative measures you can take, various non-surgical or surgical procedures and of course, hearing aids.

Hearing aids have also become advanced in some models, so there’s more scope and opportunity to find something that matches your needs and preferences. It’s better to have a hearing aid or aids, than to go without them. Particularly so because they can help with your hearing.

The audiologist you go with can really help find the right match for you and will ensure that the process is taken at the right pace to get a fit or solution that provides you with what you need. If you feel like you need to see an audiologist or want a general hearing test to check the quality of your hearing, then you can get in touch with Lowe Audiology.

Lowe Audiology can provide you with all the assistance you need in assessing your hearing and providing the solutions you need to help. So, with that being said, give Lowe Audiology a call today at 260-222-7925, to see how they can help you with your hearing concerns, whatever they are.