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Using Your Hearing Aids with a Smartphone

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Technology is brilliant, and so are hearing aids. Combining the benefits of hearing aid with mobile technology can help people with hearing loss take control of their hearing aid in a whole new way. Modern hearing aids often come with Bluetooth technology so that they can be connected to mobile devices. 

Here is how to get the best from your hearing aid and mobile technology. 

Can You Use Hearing Aids and a Smartphone Together?

Once you are fitted with hearing aids, you can use a smartphone the same as everyone else does. However, there are often extra settings within the hearing aid and smartphone device to increase the call quality and useability. 

Smartphones are often fitted with telecoils, and they simply need to be activated or connected to. The telecoil sends the signal straight to the hearing aid – so long as the hearing aid is set to the T loop setting. 

Smartphones and hearing aids have extra technology to make the experience seamless, but you may wish to discuss this with your audiologist. Modern hearing aids may come with Bluetooth technology, allowing your hearing aid and smartphone device to be connected. 

How to Connect Your Hearing Aid to Your Smartphone

Due to the growing number of hearing aids with smartphone capabilities, you must know how to connect the devices. In most cases, the audiologist who fits and maintains your hearing aid will be able to show you how to do this. 

You may wish to connect the hearing aid to a laptop, music device or tablet when you have left the office, though. Most often, you follow the same steps.

Turn on Bluetooth

Many phones have Bluetooth as a quick option in the short menu, and it is a case of access the short menu and tapping the button. Alternatively, you can go into your phone’s settings, locate the Bluetooth option and make sure it is switched on. 

Find Your Hearing Aid

Once you have your hearing aid and know it is compatible with your phone, here is how you can set these up on your smartphone:

  • Android: If you have an android device, once you access the Bluetooth menu, your device will look for other devices with Bluetooth turned on. Once you see your hearing aid name on the list, tap it and wait for a connection. 
  • iPhone: Within the settings, scroll until you see accessibility, tap it. Once you are in accessibility, scroll down to find hearing devices. You will be presented with a short two options menu. One option is to ensure Bluetooth is turned on, and the other is hearing aid compatibility. Turn them on, and the iPhone will look for MFI hearing devices. 

It may take up to 30 seconds for a connection to be made. 

Options For Hearing Aids Without Mobile Phone Capability

Not all hearing aids have made for Android or made for iPhone technology, but there are still options. 

A smartphone streamer is a technology to wirelessly stream audio from your device to your hearing aids. It is a small wireless device that can be clipped to clothing or may hang around the neck. The accessory is very popular, and each hearing manufacturer offers its own version. 

The connection process for smartphone streamers is slightly different; follow the streamer’s instructions in this case and talk to your audiologist about it. 

Which Smartphones Are Compatible with Hearing Aids?

Both hearing aids technology and smartphone technology have come a long way, and modern models of both work well together. 

However, if you aren’t sure if your smartphone is compatible, here are a few features you can look for:

  • Check in the settings for accessibility and look for hearing aid connections options
  • Read the manual or online information to see if your smartphone model is hearing aid compatible 
  • When you have found if the smartphone is hearing aid compatible, look for the M and T ratings

The M rating relates to how well the microphone works with hearing aids; the T rating corresponds to how well the smartphone will work with a Telecoil. In both cases, they are ranked between 1-4. 

It is also possible to have a conversation with your audiologist about your smartphone and hearing aid compatibility. 

Choosing the Best Technology

Modern hearing aids usually have a designated made for Apple or a made for Android tech, so it can often be in your best interest to choose a smartphone or hearing aid according to the technology you have. 

Connecting your hearing aid and your smartphone is more than just about call quality. It can also improve the entertainment value too. If you’re excited to see the possibilities with your smartphone and hearing aid, then call Lowe Audiology today at 260-222-7925.