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How to Make Hearing Aids More Comfortable

a woman being fitted for new hearing aids

Many new hearing aid wearers have some anxieties about their devices and the level of comfort they will experience when wearing them, especially those who might not be fans of earplugs. The biggest concern and question people find that they ask themselves is will my hearing aid fit comfortably?

Hearing aids are only uncomfortable when they aren’t properly fitted by a professional. After all, if you aren’t used to having something in your ear the entire time then you will need some time to adjust as with anything. While comfort levels fluctuate, once you get used to your hearing aid, you will find that you will get more and more comfortable to the point where you don’t even notice it anymore. 

Here are some things that you can do during the adjustment process to make your hearing aids more comfortable for you. 

Don’t get discouraged

As with anything new, such as wearing prescription glasses for the first time, wearing your hearing aid may feel a little different at first. Your ears are not used to the feeling of having a hearing aid in them and they may need some time to adjust to this new change. 

At first, you will probably be very conscious and aware of the hearing aid in your ear, however, as with wearing glasses, this awareness will die down and disappear after several days. If at first, you do not like the sensation of the device being in your ear, try not to be discouraged straight away – it will just take a little time and before you know it you won’t even realize you’re wearing one!

Make sure that the fit is right

Probably the most important aspect when it comes to making sure that you are completely comfortable wearing your hearing aid is to ensure that you get the fit right – after all, that is what hearing aids are designed to do, allowing you to hear well while being comfortable. For guaranteed comfort, effectiveness and overall benefit, you could consider the option of a hearing that is custom fit to your ear. 

Make sure to answer truthfully when you are getting your hearing aid fitted and if you notice that they don’t fit 100% correctly in your eye, go and see your audiologist as soon as you can to get this rectified. It is also important that you attend your follow-up fittings to make sure that your hearing aid is still fitting well and to check that it is working correctly. 

Practice makes perfect

Your hearing aid will make your world sound crisp and clear, but that also means that the world you are used to will sound quite a bit different, maybe even dramatically and this could get getting used to. This is why in order to acclimatize more quickly and get the hang of the difference of the sounds around you, there are many different exercises and practices you can do at the beginning such as reading along with an audiobook or watching a film with the subtitles. This will allow you to adjust much more easily, quickly and comfortably.

Start off with only a few hours a day  

Starting slowly is a great way to comfortably ease into wearing your hearing aid. At first, you can wear it in more comfortable environments, such as somewhere quiet, before dipping your toes in slowly wearing it out and about, and in much noisier situations. Professionals generally always recommend that you wear your device during your waking hours so that you can recognize and filter out more sounds. 

This will help you in the future and allow your audiologist to make any adjustments should they be needed or should the hearing aid be on the incorrect setting during your follow-up visits. Many new hearing aid wearers comment on having to get used to the many different sounds that the device exposes them to. Starting off with a few hours a day gives you the wearer time to acclimatize faster little by little to make your hearing more comfortable as time goes on and the longer you wear it.

The goal is that you find a hearing aid that you are comfortable with. At Lowe Audiology our audiologists will find the best hearing aids and technology to fit with both your needs and your lifestyle, alongside guaranteed comfort. To find out more, call 260-222-7925 and schedule an appointment and improve your overall hearing health!