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How Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

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We all need our senses to be performing perfectly as we get on in this life. Most things like hearing, sight and smell are only really valued when they’re gone – or when they’re not doing as well as they once did. Hearing is something that is especially taken for granted due to the fact that our ears are used when we’re both awake and unconscious. They never switch off and have always been with us – so we don’t know anything else. 

If we were to lose our ability to hear and to keep ourselves balanced, then it would affect an awful lot of areas in our lives. One area, in particular, is that of relationships and the overall social life we lead. We deal with those we love and those we work with on a very regular basis, so we need to make sure we’re keeping our ears in the right condition for as long as possible. The relationships we hold with others are sometimes affected dramatically by a lack of hearing – here are a few ways, in particular, that is could interfere: 

Firstly, communication is so important

Whether you’re in a loving relationship with your husband, wife or whether you’ve had a long-term friendship with someone since school, the relationship will be strengthened and kept with clear and open dialogue. If you can’t communicate properly, then that’s when things might get a little difficult. Being open and honest with one another matters so much, so if you cannot do this as well as you’d like, there may be a little friction. 

It can cause a lot of tension and frustration

Being around the same person every day can be frustrating, but it can be even more so when one of you cannot comprehend particular requests or points. For both the individual dealing with hearing loss and the other party taking care, frustration can rear its face. 

Constantly attempting to listen out for the right words can be annoying for someone dealing with hearing loss as they may have to try a few times. Whether you have lots of patience or hardly any, it can be annoying to go through. Constantly being told to repeat yourself – especially if, say, in a hurry – can cause a lot of inner tension, too. 

Intimate conversations do not have the same significance 

In a real, passionate, loving relationship, there’s a certain degree of intimacy that goes beyond a friendship or any relationship that you may have with an acquaintance. That can be lost a little when one party cannot hear anywhere near as well as they once could. Deep conversations that have real meaning and significance may not have the same impact. The closeness that was once precious may not be as meaningful as before. While the likelihood is that this won’t happen, it still should be considered. 

Basic errors can be made

Because one would not be used to living everyday life with a limited ability to hear, they’d make petty mistakes that may begin to add up. They may, over time, cause a little discontent within a group. While there would be no malice involved, it can still have an effect on the way people feel and behave going forward.

Financial issues

Losing the hearing sense could impact finances pretty significantly in many different ways. One may lose their job or be demoted due to their hearing loss as they will not be able to work as well as they once did. The hit that one may have to take on their finances in terms of seeking medical assistance or purchasing hearing aids could also take a significant toll. Finances are one of the foundations that keep a relationship alive as every household needs to be funded. Things could become sense afterward. 

Confidence issues

Some people may not be quite the person they once were when their hearing loss becomes quite significant. Many people, due to one reason or another, become somewhat of a shell of their former selves. This can cause all kinds of friction in terms of long-lasting friendships and loving relationships. Not wanting to leave the house to attend gatherings and not wanting to see others will absolutely affect relationships going forward.

If you feel as though you yourself are dealing with significant hearing loss or hearing issues and do not want to go through any negative patches socially, then it’s best to call an audiologist. They’ll be able to work with you and check how things are going. It’s good to get down and find any issues quickly before anything is exacerbated. The team at Lowe Audiology will be a wonderful place to begin your journey to hearing loss treatment. Our experience and expertise will assist you through every step. Contact us today at 260-222-7925.