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  • Stop Yelling at Grandma: How to (Politely) Speak to Relatives With Hearing Loss

Stop Yelling at Grandma: How to (Politely) Speak to Relatives With Hearing Loss

Multi-generational gatherings are a big part of many families’ traditions. In large families (or when many small children are present), these get-togethers can be quite noisy, and older relatives may have difficulty hearing and communicating.

If your family plans involve grandparents or relatives with hearing loss, the most important thing to remember is: don’t yell. Yelling […]

By |November 25th, 2018|Hearing Loss|
  • How to Survive the Holidays (When You Have Hearing Loss)

Surviving the Holidays (When You Have Hearing Loss)

The holiday season brings to mind bustling shopping malls, lively parties, and family gatherings – all situations that can be stressful if you’re a person with hearing loss. Sometimes, people who have difficulty hearing avoid social situations as a way to minimize stress, but that means missing out on fun and memorable events.

You don’t have […]

By |November 21st, 2018|Hearing Instruments|
  • Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in "A Star Is Born"

“A Star Is Born” Shows That Ringing in the Ears Should Be Taken Seriously

Spoiler alert: This story reveals spoilers for the film “A Star Is Born.”

The latest movie version of “A Star Is Born” opens with country-rock star Jackson Maine playing to a sold-out crowd. The music blasts from speakers on the stage, the fans scream, and the arena is filled with an almost deafening level of sound. […]

By |November 5th, 2018|Tinnitus|

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